NOVEMBER 23, 05:50 EST

Convicted Abusers Accused of Molest

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A mother and father whose infant daughter died of neglect in a filthy crib have been charged with molesting their two daughters after regaining custody, police said.

The parents, whose names were withheld to protect the identities of their four children, were arrested last month and face 17 charges, including sodomy and rape of their daughters, ages 11 and 14.

The parents are being held in jail in lieu of $75,000 bond each. They are scheduled to appear in court Dec. 10.

In June 1989, the parents were arrested after their 13-month-old daughter was found dead in her crib. According to court records, the girl's emaciated body had ulcers from diaper rash and was covered with her own waste.

Both parents, then in their early 20s, were sentenced to four years in prison for child abuse. The mother was released in 1990 after giving birth to her fifth child while in custody. The father was released in 1993.

Details about how the couple regained custody of their other children are sealed in juvenile court records, The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported Sunday.

According to a search affidavit, the two girls told investigators that their parents required them to have sex with the father. At times, both girls were abused together and ``some of these instances were recorded on videotape.''

Family friends have petitioned for custody of the four children, who are living with foster families.