NOVEMBER 07, 18:42 EST

Body Found 20 Years After Death

NEW YORK (AP) — A Brooklyn woman was charged with murder after the body of her young daughter, dead since 1979, was found stuffed in a footlocker in her bedroom closet.

Latanisha Carmichael was about 3 or 4 years old when she died, police said.

Officers, who received a tip, discovered the body Friday in the home of 60-year-old Madelyn Carmichael. The girl's body was covered with moth balls, wrapped in a plastic bag, and stuffed into a foot locker in the back of the closet, said Sgt. Rafael Andalia, a police spokesman.

Ms. Carmichael had no criminal record, but two of her three living children were taken into foster care in the early 1980s after allegations of child abuse, The New York Times reported. Police believe one of the children was Latanisha's twin brother.

Ms. Carmichael was charged Saturday with the girl's murder.

Capt. Ray Ferrari said she became agitated when police opened the closet. ``My impression was that she realized it was over,'' he said.

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