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August 16, 1999

Childism' latest threat

Remnants of family tradition will be swept away in onslaught

Calgary Sun

We the people have failed to uphold the essential principles of democratic self-government.

Democracy is faltering because we have failed democracy.

By 2050, even in Britain, the U.S. and Canada, it will have collapsed into rubble. (In my Humble opinion of course.)

By then, the global nanny state, with its tens of millions of bureaucrats and their hundreds of thousands of regulations, will monitor and direct the mindset and the behaviour of the world's billions of souls.

The destructive process is quite simple.

A few busybodies raise a ruckus about their pet grievance.

They badger the media to get attention and badger government to fund their agenda and finally to enact legislation favouring their cause.

Once their agenda is established and has begun to demonstrate its destructive effects, we raise statues in their honour.

The Famous Five women's rights activists will be so honoured on Oct. 18 when their "monument" is unveiled in downtown Calgary.

I remember the discussions during the late 1920s when their agenda was a red-hot political item.

I was far down the social scale among the hoi polloi of those days. They were the ordinary folks, many from "the old country." They constituted the strength and integrity of the democratic system. They valued it above life itself, as they proved in two world wars.

Nellie McClung, Irene Parlby, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Louise McKinney and Emily Murphy and their few "hysterical followers" did not impress the ordinary women, wives and mothers of that day.

Their commonly expressed opinion was that those "mischievous and arrogant women" would turn our way of living upside down.

Well, now that feminocracy has bottomed out in non-families, stressed-out women, wimpy men, parentless kids, pre-natal infanticide and an anti-punishment jurisprudence, there's a new agenda on the horizon: Childism.

The few remnants of family tradition that survived the feminist holocaust will be swept away in the childist onslaught.

The rights of the child will eventually trump the rights and responsibilities of everyone.

Kids in government?

Of course.

If they're old enough to ... oh, well, you get the general idea.

Mind you, they may have to compete with the official protectors of the new victims of discrimination -- the Bullies Are Victims Too Association, Misunderstood Criminals Incarcerated and the Benevolent Society for the Protection of Maladjusted Perpetrators of Mayhem.

But what the heck. We're tolerant Canadians, eh?

There's room at the top for everyone.

Except for hidebound traditionalists. But they don't say much anyway. And they're becoming scarce.

So, welcome to Upside-Down Land.

Wimpocracy rules!

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