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Thursday, July 1, 1999

Top 10 things men know about women

Hicks on Six

By GRAHAM HICKS -- Edmonton Sun



Happy Canada Day!

Just thought we'd give the ladies a little giggle (above) to start the holiday off right.

Let's hope for beautiful summer weather today for all the events mentioned in yesterday's column.

Most important, don't forget: A) to watch the Silly Summer Parade down Whyte Ave. from 107 St. to 104 St. to the United Cycle at noon, then hoof it over to the United Cycle to B) vote to re-elect Hicks on Six as the honorary Lord Mayor of Old Strathcona.

You get a ballot (it's all a giggle) with a donation at United Cycle to any of three non-profit organizations - the food bank, Sports Central or the Old Strathcona Foundation - anytime today up to 1:30 p.m.

The competition? Oh yes, the competition. Klondike Kate, also known as Maria Manna. Nice lady. Very nice lady. 'Cept she's trying to knock me off as honourary Lord Mayor of Old Strathcona.

Loyal readers! I need your support!


At Rigoletto's Cafe, Sergio Turlione and Jack Flisiak were about to take down the display (for the Works visual arts festival) of well-endowed male (and female) nude art after the first complaints.

"Then Graham Neil of CFRN-TV called. We realized what we had," says Sergio.

The controversy has turned into a massive joke ... and tripled business at the European-style bistro.

Rigoletto's has been around for 13 years, but it moved from Rice Howard Way last summer and didn't re-open until February, on 108 St. south of Jasper in Howard Pechet's Mayfair Hotel & Apartments.

"Thanks to the publicity, many of our old customers have re-discovered us,"says Sergio.

"New customers are calling. 'Is this the place with the nude pictures? We'd love to make a reservation.' "

Rigoletto's most requested special of the past week?

The two meatball and Italian sausage combo.


You can tell a realtors' race.

They trot along in their shorts, cell phones glued to their ears, pagers hanging off their utility belts.

Maybe they're not that obsessed. Except, perhaps, for Edmonton's No. 1 realtor Terry Paranych, who always has a cell phone hanging off his ear, and who'll be running in Sunday's Edmonton Realtors' race in support of the Edmonton school lunch program. It starts from Concordia College at 9:30 a.m. (You don't have to be a realtor to run.)

"Terry's wife Heidi enrolled him," says organizer Gordon King. "He thinks you're sponsoring him."

Among the other well-known realtors in the race are Hugh Moncrieff, Sherwood Park's Rick Lemieux, Frank Rudge, Earl Wylie and Terry Regier of Leduc. None are Top-10 finishers, but several are marathon runners. Race patron is 80-something Bessie Goldstick. Tiger's sister-in-law remains active in real estate, working through Prudential-Spencer Realty.

Bessie's persuasive. For six years, she's raised more pledges for the race's charities than any other city realtor.


Hostess Sarah Slywchuk, 17, was overseeing a packed Sorrentino's on Whyte last weekend when three older gentlemen came to the door.

"I'm sorry," she said, offering them a spot at the bar until such time as a table came up. The gentlemen gracefully declined and left the restaurant.

Another waiter came up. "Do you know who that was?" he said. "(Conservative leader) Joe Clark."

Replied Sarah: "Joe Who?"


Looks like the Centre Club, in the wake of the deal with the YMCA going sideways, is going down.

Employees of the downtown fitness club were told yesterday it will close on July 31.

Sad, but expected after the YMCA deal fell through. Oxford wasn't prepared to lose money on the club forever.

Betcha Oxford goes back to the YMCA and gives it the club, in return for a $5 million charity tax credit.

What else can they do with the club?


Calling all A&W "carhop girls" from the '60s and early '70s, from Bus Fuller's two A&W drive-ins on Calgary Trail and 109 St.

There's a reunion of all those employees, then 16-18, on Saturday.

"It was a special time in our lives," says reunion organizer and car hostess Patricia Kimmerly. "We were like family. The management were like our parents."

Is that how poppa, momma and baby burgers were named?

Bus went on to more fame by founding the Fullers, Earl's and Joey Tomato restaurant chains. He'll be at the reunion.

Call Patricia at 470-0089 for info. Over 300 former A&DoubleUs are expected.

Patricia, does the uniform still fit?


* Learning curves: Darin Feth was a kid full of dreams about five years ago, when he expanded Nite Tours Int'l into several American and overseas cities. The once-professional comedian consolidated back home two years ago, and has since expanded locally, from two to four double-decker buses and two motor coaches for Nite Tours' Extreme Adventures' division.

Feth is also back in Calgary, with two double-deckers. One step at a time.

* In 1997, former realtor Gary Anderson, Tony Sato and Garrit Krol bet that wraps would be more than a food fad. (Remember bagels?)

Bad Ass Jack's Subs and Wraps has grown like crazy, from one store on 109 St. to seven in Greater Edmonton, with six more under construction in rural Alberta, Vancouver Island and Saskatoon. The three founders have quit their day jobs.


Seen by Bud Squair on Hwy. 2, a van with the name "Wee Doo Enterprises" on its side. And in smaller letters, "We're No. 1 in the No. 2 business." It was a diaper service vehicle from Nanaimo, B.C.


We're off today, enjoying Canada Day festivities with Mrs. Six and the Little Sixes. And, we hope, (thanks to you wonderful readers) being re-elected in Old Strathcona. So there's no Hicks on Six tomorrow. We'll be back Sunday.

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