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NEW BRUNSWICK: Judge taken off bench again

Tuesday, August 10, 1999
The Globe and Mail

FREDERICTON -- A controversial judge has lost her job a second time over comments she made more than a year ago questioning the honesty of Acadian residents.

An appellate-court judge ruled yesterday that Jocelyne Moreau-Bérubé will stay off the bench and not collect her $125,000 salary while the province appeals a decision to reinstate her.

Judge Moreau-Bérubé was fired in April for saying a poll on the Acadian Peninsula would reveal more dishonest people than honest ones. Last month a Court of Queen's Bench judge set aside that decision.

Lawyers for the judicial council and the province filed an appeal last week and argued that leaving Judge Moreau-Bérubé on the bench would cause "irreparable" damage to the justice system. CP

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