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Monday, March 8, 1999

Two found dead in home

Police suspect fight ended in murder-suicide

By Jaimie Winkler
Daily Staff Reporter, The Michigan Daily

The bodies of a University student and her boyfriend were discovered in an apartment located on East Kingsley St. on Friday afternoon, according to Ann Arbor Police Department officials.

Both individuals apparently died as a result of gunshot wounds, but AAPD is still investigating exactly what happened. Officials told The Ann Arbor News this weekend that their original theory appears correct.

"It looks like a murder-suicide, just as we originally thought," Roderick told The Ann Arbor News.

The woman, Natasha Qureshi, an LSA senior and her 22-year-old boyfriend Christopher Groesbeck, a recent University graduate, were found inside Groesbeck's apartment, AAPD officials said. An acquaintance of Groesbeck's discovered the bodies after receiving a call from Groesbeck's mother, who was concerned about her son.

Valentine's Day stickers still hang in the window of University alum Christopher Groesbeck's apartment Saturday where he and LSA senior Natasha Qureshi were found at about 3p.m. Friday afternoon. Matching stickers hung in the window of Qureshi's apartment.

Memorial services for Qureshi and Groesbeck have not yet been planned.

AAPD officials reviewed autopsy results and interviews of friends, family and apartment complex residents before constructing a theory about what happened in the apartment shortly before the couple died, AAPD Deputy Chief Craig Roderick told The Ann Arbor News in a report on Saturday. But AAPD officials would not confirm the information yesterday.

Groesbeck tried to end his on-and-off relationship with Qureshi on Feb. 25, before she left for a Spring Break trip to Toronto.

Last Tuesday, after returning from Toronto, Qureshi received a permit from the AAPD to purchase a gun.

Three days later, early Friday morning, she went to Groesbeck's apartment and confronted him. AAPD officials told The Ann Arbor News Qureshi cut her wrists with a knife before firing three shots at Groesbeck, hitting him in the neck and chest. Qureshi then screamed and shot herself.

AAPD Sgt. Lyle Sartori said Groesbeck's mother instructed a friend to go to the East Kingsley apartment Friday afternoon when she became worried because her son did not show up for work. A building manager allowed Groesbeck's acquaintance into the apartment, Sartori said.

"At approximately 3:17 p.m. the Ann Arbor Police Department were dispatched to 727 East Kingsley," Sartori said. There, AAPD officers discovered Groesbeck and Qureshi. Officers also found a knife and a gun in the apartment.

"The two were romantically linked and evidently had been in a fight earlier," Sartori said. The two, both from Sterling Heights, had been dating for a year or a year-and-a-half, he said.

The Ann Arbor News reported friends and family of the couple interviewed by the police described the relationship as a "stormy romance" although there are no previous records of police intervention.

Sartori said the deaths were "originally believed to be a murder-suicide" but were also investigated as "a double homicide for thoroughness."

The apartment where the bodies were found belonged to Groesbeck, but Qureshi lived on the opposite end of the building. Valentine's Day stickers still displayed in Qureshi's window matched those in Groesbeck's window just five apartments away.

Patrick Javid, who lives in a neighboring apartment building located at 721 East Kingsley St., said he arrived home at about the time the police discovered the bodies. Javid said he was home from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Friday and all-night Thursday and did not hear anything unusual.

"I came home at three o'clock (Friday) and I couldn't get into (my) apartment," said Javid, a Medical fourth-year student. A Huron Valley ambulance and five to seven police cars blocked the apartment complex for almost 20 minutes, he said, adding that he noticed many different kinds of uniforms and thought "something big is going on."

The police interviewed the residents of nearby apartments. Javid was told "two bodies were found mysteriously," but Javid said he had not seen anything unusual that day or any other.

Javid said he would sometimes see people outside of Qureshi's apartment and added that he had noticed the large WonderWoman poster Qureshi had just inside her front door.

Neighbors said police had visited Qureshi and Groesbeck's apartment building before but said they are unsure of what provoked the visits. Neighbors suggested the incidents may have been drug-related or resulted from burglaries.

"Sometimes we see cops around here for loud parties and stuff," Javid said.

Melanie Datu, a Nursing student who also lives in a neighboring building, said she did not hear gunshots or other unusual noises. Datu added that she would not have noticed loud voices or screaming.

"Usually when you hear screaming you think there's a party going on so you don't think anything of it," she said.


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