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Monday, February 22, 1999

Prostate cancer research to get $15-million
Disease kills 4,000 Canadians each year

Peter O'Neil
The Vancouver Sun

Allan Rock, the federal Health Minister, will announce today in Vancouver a $15-million expenditure for research into prostate cancer, which kills about 4,000 Canadian men annually.

Two-thirds of the $15-million will be used to establish the Vancouver General Hospital as a national Centre of Excellence in prostate cancer research, sources say.

The remaining $5-million will go to the National Cancer Institute of Canada (NCIC) for prostate cancer research elsewhere in Canada. The NCIC will obtain an additional $2.5-million from the Canadian Cancer Society for the same purpose.

Mr. Rock's announcement comes as part of his cross-Canada tour to promote the federal government's so-called health-care budget and to establish Ottawa as a major player in health care, which falls under provincial jurisdiction.

Mr. Rock's tour is also been seen politically as a bid to compete for attention with Paul Martin, federal Finance Minister and his likely rival for the Liberal leadership once Jean Chretien retires.

The VGH's Prostate Clinic has developed a national and international reputation for research and treatment of prostate cancer.

The $10-million over five years will allow the clinic to hire more senior scientists and clinicians, and to heighten public awareness across the country.

The centre of excellence at Vancouver General Hospital will be run with the assistance of the NCIC and the B.C. Cancer Agency.

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