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Wednesday, April 21, 1999


National Post

Custody clash

David Frum shows how the media are out of touch with the realities of divorce and the destruction perpetrated against children and their families as a result of sole custody awards (The Problem is Divorce, not the Custody Rules, April 17.) Sole maternal custody has become nothing but a sickness of our courts. Our family courts are supposed to ensure justice, fairness, and equality. To this end, they are sadly failing.

I agree that neither joint nor sole custody will remove animosity between parents, which, as Mr. Frum has correctly pointed out, is a decision of each parent. Joint custody, however, will do one thing that sole custody will not do, and that is to introduce the components of equality, fairness, and justice. These three components, more than anything else in history, have been universally recognized as being the cornerstones in the elimination of conflict, and that includes divorce.

Vernon Beck, Family Conflict Resolution Services, Oakville, Ont.

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