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Friday, May 28, 1999

Allegations of abuse continued for four years

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- Parents separate. Mother, 3-1/2-year-old daughter go to women's shelter. Child gets sex abuse education.

- During a visit, daughter tells father story about two people at the shelter who took down her pants. A doctor refers father to Manitoba Child and Family Services


- CFS finds nothing to substantiate allegations of abuse. Father files for custody. Mother tells CFS that her daughter's body shows sign of abuse after visit with father. Doctor finds no evidence.

- Mother tells social worker of daughter's sexual accusations.

- Daughter does not substantiate mother's story, but social worker cancels visit with father.


- Daughter verifies mother's allegations on a visit to CFS where she watches sex abuse film for six to 12 year olds. No consideration given to the fact that allegations arose during custody battle. CFS completes abuse report form, reports to police. Father's visits cancelled.

- Investigation finds daughter offers insufficient detail.


- CFS recommends father seek legal assistance and that visits be supervised. Agency tells mother's lawyer it has no reason to doubt allegations of abuse.


- Mother hospitalized for psychotic depression. A doctor employed by both parents finds daughter confused, apprehensive. Doctor concludes father is no danger to daughter.

- CFS disputes doctor's report and expresses concern that father may win custody.


- CFS social worker takes leave, continues to counsel mother and attend court with her.


- Father takes polygraph test, which concludes he did not fondle his daughter.


- Mother's new baby is discovered in poor health. CFS finds mother to be incapable of caring for her children, both enter foster care.

- Mother verbally abusive to daughter, no longer allowed visits.

- CFS seeks legal guardianship of both children.

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