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Friday, October 29, 1999

Animal farm
Jim Turk (Letter to the Editor)
National Post

Ian Hunter (Lost in the Ivory Tower, Oct. 21) substitutes innuendo for fact and makes a number of astonishingly misleading statements in his cantankerous criticism of the Canadian Association of University Teachers for publishing job advertisements open to female applicants only.

Contrary to Mr. Hunter's erroneous claim that CAUT acted in a manner inconsistent with human rights legislation, the facts are these: The Charter of Rights and Freedoms provides for programs and policies to ameliorate the conditions of disadvantaged individuals or groups. In addition, provincial human rights codes make explicit legal provision and allowance for affirmative action programs to counteract the effects of discrimination. The advertisements that Mr. Hunter claims are objectionable are clearly consistent with such programs.

CAUT's editorial policy is that we will publish all advertisements that are consistent with human rights legislation. If he had consulted the legislation, Mr. Hunter would see that his allegations are dead wrong.

Jim Turk, Executive Director, Canadian Association of University Teachers,


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