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Tuesday, November 23, 1999

Will investigate Joudrie's claims, board says
Abuse alleged
Robert Remington
National Post

CALGARY - The Alberta Mental Health Board says it will investigate concerns of mistreatment expressed by Dorothy Joudrie if she comes forward with a complaint.

Mrs. Joudrie, found not criminally responsible for wounding her oil executive husband, Earl Joudrie, with six shots from a handgun in 1995, told a weekend charity event that she was mistreated during her five months in a psychiatric hospital in Edmonton last year. She said she "endured mental abuse, emotional abuse and physical abuse" at Alberta Hospital in Edmonton and said she saw patients "dehumanized" on a daily basis.

"If Mrs. Joudrie has those kinds of concerns, I think it is really important that she bring them to our attention. We would follow up very quickly," said Randy Kilburn, speaking for the board, which operates Alberta Hospital.

Patient confidentiality prevents the board from specifically discussing Mrs. Joudrie's case, Mr. Kilburn said.

Mr. Joudrie, chairman of Gulf Canada Resources and Algoma Steel, recovered from his wounds. The couple separated after the shooting.

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