Ottawa Citizen
Monday 18 January 1999

Feminists are affronted by any challenge to their authority

Bill Flores
in David Brown's column space
The Ottawa Citizen

Isn't it always interesting how the slightest iota of criticism sends feminist groups and their affiliates into a heated frenzy? ("Women do not feel protected from abuse," Jan. 7.)

Challenging their exclusive authority is a "No-No" in their self-created, politically correct atmosphere. Behind their academic cloaks they render life-affecting decisions on behalf of the public.

Despite Sandy Milne's attack on Dave Brown's journalistic skill, I would submit that his recent series was highly informative, eye-opening and professional. Hence his views are obviously accepted by segments of the Citizen's readership. I commend the Citizen's courage.

First of all, I do not believe that Mr. Brown's intention was to imply that abuse does not occur; rather, it demonstrated that:

(a) The "system," as with any other, has its problems.

(b) Women are not exempt from violence and vindictiveness.

(c) Children suffer through false accusations and deprival of one parent.

I recall Ms. Milne's presentation to the Joint-Committee on Child Custody and Access (June 1, 1998) as I also spoke to the committee that day. I recall her similar expression as she attempted to persuade the committee members of her version of the plight of women and children through her organization's male-bashing, anti-father rhetoric.

I can only exclaim that men do not feel protected from false abuse.

Ironically, these same organizations profess to represent the best interests of children, one-half obviously being boys. Yet, as soon as they reach "manhood," they are labeled as abusers, deadbeats and unnecessary.

I can imagine Ms. Milne's disbelief in the committee's sweeping recommendation, not to mention the Nov. '98 Citizen-Compass poll, which clearly expressed the public's belief in the importance of father-child interaction.

No doubt her organization will continue its government-funded lobbying efforts to restrict fathers, grandparents and extended families from contact wit their children.

Ms. Milne, despite her assault on "journalistic privilege," doesn't respond once to Mr. Brown's revelations of incompetence and bias throughout his series. Organizations and groups such as Ms. Milne's just can't and won't admit that their unfounded portrayal of men and fathers does little to bring us to true equality and are actually counter-productive. It serves to re-enforce stereotyping that ironically or not has been the essence of their grievance. Abuse is a two-way street.

Joe Rade, Stittsville

Keep writing

I would like to offer my appreciation and support to Dave Brown for shedding some light on the absurdity and corruption going on within the women-as-victims-of-men industry.

I encourage him to keep writing such informative articles.

Bill Flores, Toronto, president,
Fathers Are Capable Too (FACT)