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Wednesday, 27 January 1999

Apology to Interval House

The Ottawa Citizen

A column by Dave Brown published on Dec. 17 relied in part on information provided by a woman who was asked to use a false story about abuse to gain entry to Interval House, a local shelter for women. She also used a false identity.

The Citizen's policy is that deception will only be used in rare cases, when news is of vital public importance and when all other avenues to acquire essential information have been exhausted. Senior management must approve such action in advance. It was also wrong to include a racial description that was not pertinent to the story.

The Citizen's policy was not followed in this case and the Citizen apologizes to Interval House for this lapse and regrets any damage that may have been done to the shelter or its clients as a result of misleading information.

The Citizen hopes that women who need the services of a shelter to protect them from abuse will not be deterred by the column.

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