Study of Custodial Fathers and The Family Court System
The Menís Divorce Centre is offering a $1,000 honorarium each to the First 5 Custodial Fathers who qualify

The Menís Divorce Centre is launching a national study (believed to be the first of its kind in Canada) of fathers who achieved custody of their child(ren) through the court system.

The study will begin Monday, August 23, 1999.  All custodial fathers interested in participating should call (toll free) 1 877 273 2587 after 9am (EST) on Monday August 23, 1999 and ask for a faxed application form.  Even fathers who do not think they qualify are encouraged to participate.  Applications will be accepted for the two weeks following and may be extended beyond.

Qualifications and Requirements

1) You must be the biological father who has attained final sole custody of your child(ren), in a contested custody action with the biological mother, resulting from a trial.
2) The biological mother must still be alive.
3) The child(ren) involved in the contested custody case must have been under 12 years of age by July 1st 1999.
4) The biological mother cannot be, currently and/or at the time of the custody decision,  be incarcerated (jail, prison, halfway house, or any other program as dictated by a court), in a mental institution, or in hospital for a terminal condition or otherwise permanently disabled.
5) The biological mother must not have a drug or alcohol dependency.
6) The biological mother must not be suffering from mental illness and/or be on medication to control mental illness.
7) The biological mother must not have been, or currently be, under investigation by a child protective services organization.
8) The biological mother cannot have been charged, with or convicted of, any criminal activity currently and/or at the time of the custody decision.
9) The biological father must have maintained final sole custody for at least 2 years.
10) The biological mother must be paying child support to the biological father and have no arrears.
11) The biological father must provide proof (court documents, orders, transcripts, etc.) of the details of the case.
12) The biological father must sign a release allowing the Menís Divorce Centre  to use the provided documents to help other fathers in their custody cases.

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