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Wednesday, October 20, 1999

Child-killer a public risk: Shrink

Being wed to convicted murderer a 'factor'


A child-killer seeking early parole poses a greater public risk if released because she's married to a convicted murderer, a psychiatrist testified yesterday.

Amina Chaudhary, 38, has told a judicial review jury that if she's given early parole she'll live with husband Anees Chaudhary and the three children they conceived during Prison for Women (P4W) trailer visits.

Amina Chaudhary was convicted in 1984 of the first-degree murder of a former lover's eight-year-old nephew. She's seeking early release 15 years into a 25-year life sentence.

Anees Chaudhary, 36, convicted of second-degree murder in the slaying of a man in 1984, was paroled last year but was arrested last week for breaking parole conditions.

Dr. Julio Arboleda-Florez, a psychiatrist testifying on Amina Chaudhary's behalf, agreed with prosecutor Tony Loparco that while she is considered a low threat to public safety, the risk increases because of her union with another killer.

"And if she went out and married a reverend or somebody like (that), it wouldn't be a factor?" asked Loparco.

"Correct, yes," said Arboleda-Florez.

Correctional Services Canada (CSC) officials support early parole for Chaudhary, citing two university degrees earned in prison, her devotion to the couple's three kids, two years of trouble-free living at a minimum-security house outside P4W and her unsupervised librarian work at staff headquarters.

Prosecutor Loparco has suggested Chaudhary is a manipulator who has studied, married and had babies to escape prison work and get behind-bars benefits.

Loparco asked Arboleda-Florez if Anees Chaudhary's arrest last week for parole violation adds to the risk. "It has to be taken into account," the psychiatrist said.

Freed on full parole last year, Anees asked parole officers three weeks ago if he could visit his wife at Kitchener's Grand Valley corrections camp. Anees was ordered not to leave Toronto, but defied the order and drove to Kitchener to visit his wife for several hours.

Arboleda-Florez said a technical breach of parole is different than committing a serious crime, but he agreed Anees' wilful defiance is cause for concern.

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