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Sex revolution triggers national impotence

By Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D.
© 1999

Most of the broadcast news and mainline press are spinning the bad news, "Sexual Dysfunction Survey" as good news, "If you think you have sexual problems, you're not alone." The sex study, published in the February 10, 1999, Journal of the American Medical Association by Edward Laumann, University of Chicago sociologist and co- author Raymond Rosen, based on the 1992 National Health and Social Life Survey findings, is supposed to represent interviews with 1,749 women and 1,410 men. The authors claim their findings are "the most reliable since Dr. Alfred Kinsey did his landmark studies in 1948. Kinsey got similar results regarding impotence and failure to achieve orgasm but didn't ask about lack of sexual desire."

Wellll, if this survey is as accurate as Kinsey's they are in trouble. These "reliable" authors cite Kinsey's data, ignoring the well-established evidence that Kinsey himself was a scientific and moral fraud, a certifiable sexual psychopath as well as a sadomasochistic pornography addict and a sexually harassing bully. The now famous British Yorkshire Television documentary, "Kinsey's Paedophiles," broadcast in the UK August 10, 1998, confirmed this author's 1981 discovery that Kinsey recruited pedophiles and incestuous males and females to sexually abuse up to 2,035 fainting, screaming and struggling children, as young as two months of age, for his so-called child sex "data."

Moreover, Kinsey's "reliable" male sample was roughly 86 percent aberrant, (prisoners, homosexual activists, pimps, hold up men, thieves, prostitutes) while his "average" women were similarly aberrant, including prostitutes redefined as "married women." Naturally Kinsey selected only young, comely, likewise sexually dysfunctional males for his "science" team, most of whom were his lovers.

If, as Laumann et al claim, Kinsey also found over 40 percent of women and 30 percent of men without interest in sex, unable to orgasm, or suffering from some other sexual dysfunction, then Kinsey's aberrant 1940s population have become the normal Americans of the 1990s. Why would Americans be so disordered today? Beginning in 1948 Kinsey's supposedly scientific warning of the maladies of chastity and the benefits of adultery and homosexual and pedophile adventures were taught by thousands of excited university professors representing almost every field to their vulnerable students.

In 1954, free-love advocate, Margaret Mead warned, "A generation of young men who restricted their sex activities, not from conviction but because they believed others did, have been left defenseless by the Kinsey report." One virgin, non drinking, non smoking Joe College guy, Hugh Hefner, read Kinsey and, he says, became Kinsey's sexually radicalized "pamphleteer." Hefner claimed in 1978:

Several current "leaders" come to mind whose oral performance exemplifies the impotent Kinsey/Hefner "influence ... across society." But Kinsey never asked about sexual desire because both lack of sexual desire -- and impotence -- were largely non issues in the more modest 1940s. Even Kinsey did not claim impotence was statistically significant. Problems of impotence and lack of sexual interest do not precede but rather follow Kinsey's pornographic sexual model. Listen to what psychotherapist, Rollo May said in 1969 in his famous treatise, Love and Will about post-Kinsey impotence.

Laumann's current survey reports "shocking" data on lack of sexual desire thirty years after May described it as a largely Kinsey inspired phenomenon:

Certainly the post Kinsey sexual revolution created massive numbers of impotent and sexually sickened men and women, seeking potency via multiple varieties of coarsened glossy pornography as entertainment (later, in the classroom) guaranteed to make women (and men) feel generic and worthless. Yes, the rush for Viagra at $10 a pill, despite its potential lethal fallout, confirms the post-Kinsey dysfunction. So too is heterophobia (fear and distrust of the opposite sex) confirmed by the post-Kinsey 400% plus, plus, plus increases in rape, gang rape, serial rape murder, child sexual abuse, children molesting children and a burgeoning "gay" population. So too does the out-of-wedlock rate confirm moral impotence, a primitive form of sexual dysfunction, seen alongside the post-Kinsey increase from two STDs to nearly thirty (including AIDS) partial birth abortion, abortion on demand, etc., all symbols of personal and national impotence. And the proliferation of pornography into mainstream and Main Street America, spreads impotence as a natural outcome of moral apathy.

The press reports this as one the most comprehensive surveys in the United States in decades -- well, since Kinsey. Both authors were paid consultants for Pfizer, the company manufacturing Viagra. Both say the survey offers hope to millions who think they're the only ones having trouble in bed so cheer up. "I think it gives us a base for explaining why we had this enormous response to Viagra.''

The Chicago team blamed everything else; stress, lack of time, job pressures and money trouble, for this staggering lack of sexual desire. Trouble with that theory is pre-1948 Kinsey, the major complaint heard in therapists' offices was hubby's excessive sexual desire. And times were much tougher than today. I recall Grandpa awoke at 5:00 AM and left for his twelve-hour, back breaking job at slave wages at 6:00 AM. Still, Grandma had seven children, a ready, dimpled smile and plump, red cheeks. And, Grandpa was known to whistle.

Chicago-area sex therapist Dr. Domeena Renshaw said impotence and lack of sexual desire has been a problem since she opened her clinic in 1972. That is just 24 years post Kinsey and 18 years after Playboy began "the first Playboy generation -- the first to grow up with this significant influence on their lives."

While claiming their "survey provides much-needed information about women, who have often been excluded from studies about sexual performance," where is the really important information about women? For example, what is the effect of early sexual abuse and exposure to coarsened images of sex on women's subsequent sexual dysfunctions? The authors should know that the Canadian Supreme Court's unanimous ruling that all pornography was toxic in 1992, referred to the "soft" pornography which surrounds the researchers as well as all of their "sample." Are such clear and proximate causes for most "sexual" problems hidden deliberately or out of ignorance? However, "cures" like Viagra frequently depend upon concealing the dysfunctional and anxiety causing role played by pornography in promoting impotence.

Rosen is quoted as despairing of the fact that too often Americans get their sex information from magazines bought at the grocery-store checkout. "As a scientist, it makes my hair stand on end,'' Rosen said. ''It's terrible," reported the Courier Journal. Really? Have "scientists" produced "truer" sex information than non scientists?

How does Rosen's hair respond to the sexual frauds which his colleagues have perpetrated to the western world about sex, including children's "sexuality," for these fifty years in text books, laws, and magazines at the checkout? Here again is yet another "sex survey" by alleged "scientists" who cite the father of their field, Kinsey, while hiding the insider facts about his massive sex survey frauds. Critics ask how long will we continue to make personal, political and legal decisions based on a profession which some say is as bigoted, biased and false as was phrenology, the "science" of intelligence, so popular at the turn of the century. Phrenologists claimed, for those who do not remember, that they could tell one's intelligence by measuring the diameter of one's cranium and then by calculating the placement and size of the bumps on ones head.

Phrenology was relegated to the embarrassed dust-bin of science after decades of influence. Kinsey's fraudulent "sexology" sex survey, sex education, sex therapy field has lasted five decades, doing much greater injury than phrenology to the bodies social, legal and politic. Indeed, one could say that the Kinsey sex revolution was really a practice run for national sexual dysfunction, yielding an American chemical dependence on the sex industry from pornography to "Viagra," for transient sexual arousal and satisfaction.

Judith Reisman is author of "Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences,"

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