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Thursday September 2, 11:41 AM

I'll Keep Baby, Says Pregnant 12-Year-Old

A 12-year-old girl who is three months pregnant has spoken about her determination to keep the baby.

The girl, from Sheffield, told the Daily Mail she was "not ashamed" of being pregnant, and said she had refused her mother's pleas for her to have an abortion.

Her distraught mother said she had put her daughter on the Pill because she suspected she was having sex - but her daughter had refused to take it.

The youngster told the Daily Mail: "I'm not ashamed. I'm frightened of giving birth but I want to keep the baby.

"It's your baby, you can't get rid of it like that."

She added that her 14-year-old boyfriend, with whom she began having sex shortly after her 12th birthday, had threatened never to speak to her again if she had an abortion.

The girl's mother told the paper she believed she had become pregnant deliberately.

She said: "She has broken my heart. I will stand by her every inch of the way, but I feel let down."

The news came less than a week after a 12-year-old girl in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, gave birth to a baby boy.

Jim Greensmith, of South Yorkshire police, said officers from their child protection unit planned to investigate the latest pregnancy. Legally a girl under the age of 13 cannot give consent to sexual intercourse.

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