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Wife says she killed in self-defence

The Globe and Mail
Wednesday, January 19, 2000

Baltimore -- A Saskatoon dentist on trial for the murder of her husband told police she stabbed him in self-defence after he tried to kill her.

The tape-recorded statement Alpna Patel gave investigators on March 24, 1999, the day her husband died, was played yesterday in Baltimore City Circuit Court as part of a motion by defence lawyers to suppress it.

No ruling had been made on the tape when court recessed last night.

Dr. Patel, who was a dental resident at State University of New York at Buffalo, told investigators she flew to Baltimore, where her husband was a surgical resident at Union Memorial Hospital, on March 23 to talk to him about problems in their marriage.

Dr. Patel said she was sleeping next to him that night when he went to the kitchen and got a knife. He then straddled her on the bed holding it. She said he might have received the fatal stab wound to his neck when she pushed him in the resulting struggle. AP

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