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Tuesday, January 11, 2000

Klein denies daughter seeking legal aid help
Mischief, obstruction case: Alberta premier says he and former wife to help with legal bill
Robert Remington
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Jeff Mcintosh, National Post
Angela Klein-Marcia, daughter of Ralph Klein, Alberta's Premier, will get help with her lawyer's bill from her parents, not the province's legal aid system.

CALGARY - Ralph Klein, the Alberta Premier, denies his daughter is seeking legal aid and says he will help her pay for a lawyer.

Mr. Klein made the comments in a weekend statement after two newspapers reported that his daughter was considering legal aid to fight charges of public mischief and obstruction of justice.

"Angie's mother and I have, of course, made the commitment to assist Angie in whatever private legal counsel she requires. Angie's mother and I stand beside Angie during this difficult period and request that our privacy be respected."

Angela Klein-Marcia, 34, the premier's daughter by a previous marriage, faces mischief and obstruction charges after complaining to the RCMP in Drumheller, Alta., that she was assaulted by her husband, Richard Marcia. The RCMP says she recanted her story nine days later, after it had launched an investigation.

Marcia, 37, has twice been jailed on convictions for assaulting Ms. Klein-Marcia. He is currently in jail for convictions of theft and public mischief.

In his statement, Mr. Klein said, "I have spoken to Angie on this matter and she has indicated to me that, contrary to recent news stories, she is not considering seeking legal aid." The Globe And Mail and Calgary Herald reported Saturday after Ms. Klein-Marcia's first court appearance that she was considering legal aid. Her case was set over to Jan. 28 to allow her time to seek legal counsel.

Legal aid is a provincially funded service for those who cannot afford a lawyer. Persons who use the service are required to repay their debt, without interest, unless it is deemed they would suffer financial hardship.

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