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Tuesday, January 18, 2000

Klein's daughter says she is standing behind her jailed husband
Man who assaulted her twice now facing allegations of bigamy
The Canadian Press

CALGARY - The daughter of Alberta's premier says she would marry the same man all over again, even though he's been jailed twice for assaulting her and is being investigated on allegations of bigamy.

"I married for love," said Angie Klein-Marcia, who hasn't spoken publicly before about her marriage to Richard Marcia.

"I'm absolutely and completely in love. But he has to prove himself. I wouldn't do it tomorrow," she said in an interview.

"He can't move in right away," she said. "We have to start dating again. He has to ... learn to cope on the outside. He has to be a good boy."

Ms. Klein-Marcia, 34, married Marcia, 37, in a 1997 ceremony presided over by her father, Ralph Klein, the Alberta Premier.

RCMP launched a bigamy investigation after Marcia's third wife, Angi Marcia, phoned from Saskatchewan and complained he never obtained a divorce from her.

Police received the complaint after the woman read in a news report that Marcia was married to Mr. Klein's daughter. Richard Marcia is currently in jail on theft charges in Grande Cache, Alta.

Ms. Klein-Marcia herself faces charges of obstruction of justice and public mischief. She is scheduled to return to court Jan. 28 for election and plea.

Those charges stem from an incident several months ago in which she made an assault complaint to police about Marcia and later recanted her story. She is accused of providing false information to police.

Despite all the problems and the pain, Ms. Klein-Marcia still stands by the man who may or may not legally be her husband.

She said Marcia thought his last marriage had been annulled.

He writes her three times a week from jail and she writes him back once weekly.

"When I went into the RCMP and heard there was a complaint from Saskatchewan, I thought, 'What did he do now?' Then I laughed. I had to laugh to keep myself from crying," she said.

Ms. Klein-Marcia, a florist who lives in Drumheller, Alta., doesn't think her personal life should be getting so much media attention.

"I think our story is a waste of valuable paper," she said.

"There are murderers out there, there are real bad guys and then there's lowly me getting all this attention because of my name.

"I'm an average Jane. I tell people, 'Do you mind? Just call me Angie. I'm a florist, damn it, leave me alone.' "

Ms. Klein-Marcia is the premier's daughter from his first marriage to Hilda Lupul, who he met when he was 18 while stationed with the air force in Portage la Prairie, Man.

When Ms. Klein-Marcia was born in 1964, Ms. Lupul worked evenings as a hostess in the dining room of a Calgary hotel while Mr. Klein taught accounting during the day at a business college.

Ms. Lupul, who split with Mr. Klein in 1972, when Ms. Klein-Marcia was eight, said her daughter was hurt deeply by the divorce.

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