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February 21, 2000

Pictures of the wanted

Mom on kidnap warrant

Extended family hiding her: Cops

Toronto Sun
Police want to speak with any doctor in the Toronto area who has treated a baby boy whose mom defied a court order and is wanted in his abduction.

A court gave Claude Kelly,21, interim custodyy of Jordan James Bailey, 11 months, on Nov. 22, after the son's birth mother failed to attend a hearing, Det.-Cont. Steve Craddock said.

When Kelly reported his son and ex-girlfriend missing, Craddock said officers went to her mother's flat in the Keele St.-Gulliver Rd. area and "it was cleaned out."

Since then, the young mom has kept up a "harassment" campaign against Kelly via an Internet chat site, saying "I'm right under your nose but you'll never find me ... things like that," Craddock alleged.

A Canada-wide abduction warrant has been issued naming Amanda Michelle Bailey, 19, who is accused of keeping the child from his dad. The couple dated for about 18 months and weren't wed.

Police release photos

Missing-person reports name Amanda's sister Candice, 16, and their mom, Karen Bailey, 40. Photos of the women and Jordan were released yesterday by police, who allege the adults are helping hide Amanda and her baby.

Amanda's grandparents, who are superintendents of the building where the Baileys lived, told police they don't Imow their whereabouts and refused to provide photos for a police missing-person bulletin, Craddock said.

He got Amanda's photo from the school where she used to work and Candice's photo from her school yearbook.

Extended family

"I'm confident they know where they are," Craddock said, adding the Baileys have an extended family in Canada and the U.S. "who I'm certain are helping them.

"They have to go out sometime and the baby needs its needles," for early-childhood inoculations, he said. When Amanda Bailey's grandparents refused to report their daughter and younger granddaughter missing, Craddock filed the report, hoping they would be found.

Craddock said the court order required Kelly, whose parents had agreed to care for Jordan, to appear at a future court date to show his ability to care for the baby.

In an interview with The Toronto Sun last December, Belly said his ex-girlfriend "warned that I will never see my son again." Baren Bailey was described by police as white, 5-foot-7 and 155 pounds, with grey hair and glasses. Her daughter Candice is white, 5-foot-6 and 135 pounds, and has shoulder-length, brown hair.

Anyone with information can reach Craddock at the 32 Division Youth Bureau, 808-3105 or, anonymously, can call Crime Stoppers, 222-TIPS.

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