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Tuesday, March 14, 2000

Soccer mom jailed for assault
Sentenced in front of her five children
Arthur Milnes
Kingston Whig-Standard

Arthur Milnes, Kingston Whig-Standard
Sonia Fenty, 31, of Kingston, shown in this 1999 photo with son Jevon Blackstock, was sentenced yesterday to 30 days in jail for assaulting another soccer mom during a game in July, 1999.

KINGSTON - A soccer mom who ripped clumps of hair out of another woman's head during a melee on the sidelines of a youth soccer game last summer continued her unsportsmanlike conduct in court yesterday.

Sonia Fenty, 31, had to be reined in by a judge after she took the stand and began to berate her victim directly during her testimony.

"You sit there and you lie," she said, her voice raised and eyes glued on her victim. "... I do not like anyone to lie about me ... I don't use words like 'white trash.' I did not say nothing to that woman at all."

Mr. Justice Paul Megginson of the Ontario Court of Justice had to interject to restore order.

"Address the court," he said sternly on two occasions as Fenty gave evidence.

The 31-year-old single mother of five was before the court to be sentenced after being found guilty in January of assault and causing a disturbance arising from incidents at her son's soccer game last July.

The judge sentenced her to a 30-day jail term and placed her on probation for a year.

At her trial, the court heard that Fenty's son was accidentally kicked by another player during the game. As he was coming off the field, an opposing parent apparently told the boy that he deserved it. The son passed on the comment to his mother.

With her son in tow, Fenty, who was then pregnant, confronted the other woman, cursing loudly. When another parent carrying a small child told Fenty to stop swearing in front of the kids, Fenty moved toward her.

The victim in the case stepped between the two, out of concern for the infant. Fenty grabbed her by the hair, pulled her head down and kicked her several times, the court was told. She eventually tore out two handfuls of the victim's hair. A bag containing the hair, collected on the scene by witnesses, was introduced as evidence at Fenty's trial.

"It was like a Jerry Springer show," the victim told a reporter shortly after the incident last summer.

Mr. Justice Megginson had ordered a pre-sentencing report and it was considered yesterday.

In the report, the victim, who had been attacked in front of her nine-year-old son, alleged that Fenty also confronted her in the courthouse while the trial was in progress. She said Fenty had called her and her friends "racist bitches."

Fenty disputed this, telling the court it had in fact been a friend of hers who had confronted the victim.

In the end, Mr. Justice Megginson said he didn't believe her and said he had no doubt that Fenty made the victim fear for her safety in January. He also said he did not believe the defence argument that she was not likely to reoffend.

Fenty's five children were all in court yesterday to witness their mother's sentencing.

Fenty has previous convictions in Toronto from the early 1990s for assault and assault causing bodily harm.

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