APRIL 04, 19:00 EST

Court Hears Big Divorce Case

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HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Lorna Wendt, who won more than $20 million in a divorce from former General Electric Co. executive Gary Wendt, wants more money.

On Tuesday, she asked the state Appellate Court to give it to her.

Wendt deserves a better settlement because Gary Wendt's assets appreciated by about $23 million between December 1995 — when the couple first separated — and December 1997 — when the divorce decree was handed down, her lawyers argued.

Gary Wendt ``got the benefit of everything,'' while her client got no part of the then unmatured and unvested assets, said attorney Kathleen Hogan. So Lorna Wendt is seeking over $35 million from her ex-husband, her lawyers said.

Gary Wendt resigned from GE Capital, the Stamford-based financial arm of General Electric, in December 1998 after a turbulent relationship with General Electric Co. chairman John F. Welch and the fallout from the Wendts' very messy and very public divorce.

Attorneys for Gary Wendt argue that Lorna Wendt received a fair, mathematically-calculated share of his appreciated assets.

``She received 50 percent of the assets based on her contributions at the time of the separation,'' attorney Kurt Hansson said, adding that it's time for Gary Wendt to just ``move on with his life.'' Tierney's decision should stand, he said.

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