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Who Are These Experts in ‘Termination Therapy’?

Massachusetts News
May 27, 2000

The experts in termination therapy who work for the DSS to terminate the Crowley family are "The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children." No, that is not a joke.

This means that she is to sit in a room with her three children and a therapist, and, in a non-emotional and clinically approved manner, tell them that she can’t be their mommy anymore. DSS tells all the mommies not to show emotion in front of their children because it could "upset them." As if losing their mother won’t. These same humanitarians aren’t concerned about "upsetting the children" when they terrorize them by dragging them from their homes, schools, and families, though. That kind of upsetting is okay. 

I feel that a child needs to see its parents’ anger at having their children taken away by strangers. It’s what a child would expect if their parents loved them. It would seem that, for a child to see their parents placid and agreeable over the child being taken away could lead a young child to believe that the separation was "okay" with mommy and daddy. A young child could even believe that the parents gave him or her away. It seems that this could be deeply traumatic for a child, destroying the child’s fundamental belief in the parents’ love, possibly causing lifelong emotional damage. Therefore, it seems contradictory for DSS to tell parents not to show emotion in front of their children for fear of "upsetting them," when DSS has no conscience about "upsetting" children by traumatically severing their most fundamental attachments. This seeming contradiction does make sense, however, in the context of deliberately creating alienation between children and their parents. If the children see their parents placid and seemingly unconcerned about the separation, the child will develop resentment against the parents and begin to alienate from them emotionally.