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Tuesday, April 25, 2000

Mother taken into custody in girl's stabbing

Lisa Gregoire and Chris Purdy
Edmonton Journal

EDMONTON - The stabbing of an eight-year-old girl -- and the sight of police taking her mother into custody in handcuffs -- has shocked a tight-knit, suburban neighbourhood on this city's south side.

The girl, seldom seen by her neighbours, was taken to hospital for emergency surgery yesterday about noon after being stabbed at least five times at her home. Police immediately took a woman who was in the house into custody for questioning. Neighbours identified her as Laura Diamond, the girl's mother.

"I rarely, rarely saw them," said Cheryl Bognar, who lives across the street with her two daughters.

A University of Alberta Hospital spokesman said the girl was in stable condition.

The stabbing has shocked the neighbourhood called Terwilleger Towne.

Ms. Bognar said the woman in custody was a single mother and that she and the father shared custody of the little girl.

Sergeant Jeff Anderson said charges are pending. He would not say whether a weapon had been seized.

"Presently it's being treated as an aggravated assault. Obviously it's very serious and I can also say because of the seriousness of the incident, our homicide investigators are taking care of it," Sgt. Anderson said.

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