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Tuesday, May 30, 2000


LifeSite Daily News

WINNIPEG - Dr. Henry Makow, PhD, 50, a former lecturer in the English department at the University of Winnipeg, has filed a complaint with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission alleging discrimination on the basis of his political beliefs, and his sexual orientation. He is heterosexual. Dr. Makow, the inventor of the popular board game Scruples, has been let go by the University of Winnipeg over being a "non-feminist." University President Constance Rooke, told him he was "anti feminist" and that "anti feminists are anti-women." Dr. Rooke informed Dr. Makow that his teaching services would not be retained next year. When Dr. Makow objected, raising the issue of academic freedom, Rooke scoffed: "We let you finish teaching the year, didn't we?"

Dr. Makow's punishment stems from complaints raised by four students in one of his two classes. In an anonymous letter, the four students told Dr. Makow that, "we have sensed your strong feeling that women should be submissive and docile." The feminists at the college became enraged because he expressed the view: "I don't believe being wives and mothers has oppressed women. They have been selected by nature for a task which is far more important than anything men do. It's time society, stopped devaluing the role of wife, mother, and homemaker." Dr. Makow believes that "a woman who puts husband and children before herself brings love into the world. More than any other, this is the way love is born."

The university took drastic action upon receipt of the letter despite the fact that the complaint was not even formal. Dr. Makow informed LifeSite that there was no investigation to determine whether the letter had any merit. When he responded that he had been misrepresented he was ignored, as were letters of support for his fairness submitted by other students and Dr. Makow's submission indicating support for his position in course materials. As well as deciding to release Dr. Makow from his teaching responsibilities the following year, the university decided another professor should grade the final papers and exams of the letter writers. The university gave them permission to cut his classes and even discussed providing these students with tutors.

Dr. Makow told LifeSite that the action was taken since the complaining students felt "uncomfortable," although radical feminist professors were not disciplined at all even though they would not give a passing grade to dissenting students. He provided the administration with proof that he had given A's to feminists. He lamented that the "university turns out women who hate men." He said that the radical feminists "have turned the university into an agency for their twisted social agenda."

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