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Friday, June 9, 2000

Pageant queen stripped of title

By Trent Seibert, Denver Post Staff Writer

June 9, 2000 - ADAMS COUNTY - Here she comes, Mrs. Commerce City.

And there she goes, her crown taken away after pageant officials were told Christine Corso-Delaney, Mrs. Commerce City 2000, owes thousands of dollars in child support to her ex-husband.

"She's never paid a dime," said ex-husband Glenn Hall, who lives in Grand Junction with sole custody of their three children, ages 13, 8 and 7.

In addition, Mrs. Commerce City's current Mr., Mark David Delaney, has a criminal record that includes arrests on charges of child sex assault, drunken driving and domestic violence, according to court records. County records show Corso-Delaney, 33, still owed $7,112 to ex-husband Hall as of May 15.

That's in part what violates a morals clause in the Mrs. Colorado America application CorsoDelaney filled out to vie for Mrs. Commerce City, who is charged with representing the married women of the industrial Adams County town.

Instead, she more closely represents the 450 women in Adams County whom county officials cannot locate in order to get those moms to pay child support.

Court orders to moms to pay child support have become more common, according to Mike Mohrman, Adams County social services child support enforcement director.

In Adams County, and likewise throughout Colorado, moms make up about 15 percent of the parents who must pay child support, he said. It's unclear statewide how many of those do not pay.

No payments, ex claims

Records do not show if Corso-Delaney has made any payment since May 15. Hall said she hasn't.

"You always hear about the deadbeat dads, never the deadbeat moms," said Hall, who has had official custody of the kids since the April 1997 divorce.

If she had not been removed from the running, Corso-Delaney would have competed at the Mrs. Colorado America contest May 20. She won the crown in early May, and it was stripped days before the state competition.

If she had won there, she would have gone on to compete for the crown of Mrs. America on Sept. 1 in Honolulu.

Corso-Delaney did not return calls seeking comment.

"She's very, very upset," said Suellen Corso, Corso-Delaney's mother.

Pageant director Tricia Dampier said she has been horrified by what Corso-Delaney has gone through and fears a "public flogging."

"In my opinion she's not had a decent break in her life," Dampier said. "This is my biggest personal nightmare in the nine years of doing this. You can't imagine the tears shed, the lost sleep." Corso-Delaney's current husband escaped from a county halfway house Nov. 30 while serving a sentence for the sex charges, which had been reduced in a plea bargain to attempted sexual assault on a child.

Delaney, 33, was caught and is now in a state holding facility while prison officials decide in which prison he will be placed, according to Department of Corrections officials.

Former husband Hall said he brought his ex-wife's debt to pageant officials after learning she had been selected Mrs. Commerce City.

"She was going to represent to best in wives and moms?" Hall said. "She hasn't seen these kids in four years. I've been raising them, I've been supporting them."

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