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Pre-emptive protection

Chris Pople
The Globe and Mail
Friday, June 23, 2000

East York, Ont. -- A lot of coverage was given to the tragic slaying of Gillian Hadley by her estranged husband, who then turned the gun on himself. Men who do such things are the biggest cowards in the world. To take a mother away from her children is offensive beyond description. The justice system is failing all women by letting angry, abusive men run free to wreak havoc.

On the flip side, I noticed in the same paper a tiny story about a woman in Welland, Ont., who took the life of her spouse by poisoning him (National Briefs -- June 22). I am not trying to minimize the abuse that is inflicted on women so frequently in this country. It is very tragic. However, when a woman takes the life of her spouse in Canada, it is almost a non-event.

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