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July 22, 2000

Puberty hastened by loss of father

Re Getting older younger, Life section, July 14.

B. Jenkins
Toronto Star Letters

This was an interesting article about a topic that has already been noticed and that a number of studies were conducted about already.

What is the leading factor of girls reaching puberty sooner? The elimination of a girl's biological father in her life, and most particularly early in her life.

Other causes: maternal depression and the introduction of a non-biological "father" in her life.

So, Janice Turner may have it a bit wrong.

It is the breakdown of the family and the forced elimination of fathers from their children's lives that are important causes of girls' early puberty.

The impact of divorce is clear.

Girls are massively and negatively affected by the loss of their primary standard for opposite-sex comportment.

In fact, studies show that girls who have involved fathers have the self-esteem and comfort with th~ir womanhood necessary to handle their lives.

No surprise, children need both parents.

Substitutes don't work.

It is a shame that the next two generations are losing so much due to this generation's self-indulgence,

B. Jenkins

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