Ottawa Citizen
Saturday 9 December 2000

Letters from the family:
I believe that Teresa has a good heart

Frank Bonacci
Citizen Special
Ottawa Citizen

As a "victim" in this case, I know that a problem exists and it created much turmoil in my life, friends, and the community. In order to resolve this problem, I feel that jail time will not be a solution to this problem; both for me as a victim and my daughter as the accused.

It was not family's intention to create chaos in our community and we will do everything, humanly in our power to make sure that a further offence will never happen again.

In order to resolve this problem, I'm prepared to obtain counselling for myself and my daughter, so that the best solution to the problem may be sought. For her to be a better citizen, she needs to be able to speak to a professional where she can express her thoughts and feelings and not isolate herself from society. At the same time, the professional will be able to guide and support her on the right path that she knew from when she was a child.

During the last 16 months, I have continued to support my daughter by visiting her twice weekly. I continue to visit her and in the meantime, I continue to seek counselling weekly for myself to improve our family relationship.

I believe that Teresa has a good heart from the unsurmountable positive deeds that she has done for family members, friends, and strangers. The past few months when this episode unfolded was not the Teresa that we knew for 27 years.

I strongly do not feel or do I believe that Teresa poses a threat to her family or society.

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