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Women pay high price for success

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WOMEN pay a heavy price for success in the workplace as research suggests their health, relationships and home lives all suffer as a result.

Many women blame long hours and the attendant stress for the problem. Marilyn Roberts, of the London Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Group, who carried out the study said: “These findings reflect the increasingly pressurised lives that women lead.

“Women are making significant strides in the workplace though there is a price to pay. As well as careers they are often raising families — sometimes alone — and so retaining a work-life balance can be more of a challenge.”

Nearly half the women felt their health had been damaged by work. Around 40 per cent said their job damaged their relationship with their partner. While 60 per cent said work was their major source of stress and 70 per cent predicted their stress levels would only get worse in the future.

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