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Dec. 18, 12:09 EDT

White Ribbon Campaign supports all

Re White Ribbon Campaign targets all men, Letter, Dec. 11.

Letters to the Editor
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Gerald Gauthier claims the White Ribbon Campaign ``targets'' all men.

It appears he's never visited our Web site or read our literature. The White Ribbon Campaign has never said all men are violent against women and we don't promote any sort of collective guilt. Rather, we join our mothers, sisters, wives and friends in recognizing that violence against women is still an epidemic.

Although the majority of men in Canada are not responsible for committing these acts of violence, all men must take responsibility for helping end them.

Are we part of a ``feminist agenda?'' If that term means we oppose the violence against women that still goes unchecked in many homes, then I'd say we are.

If the suspicion is that we're somehow anti-male, then the writer could not be more wrong. We believe in the capacity of men to base our actions on love for women, other men and our children. I'd say we're supremely positive about men.

The White Ribbon Campaign does not believe most men are violent. However, we do know that, although domestic violence can be committed by both sexes, most serious violence is committed by men.

- Michael Kaufman,Co-chair,White Ribbon Campaign,Toronto

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