Calgary Sun

Wednesday, January 24, 2001

Female robber jailed

By Kevin Martin, Calgary Sun

Setting up two violent robberies through phoney drug deals has landed a city woman a "generous" three-year prison term.

Justice Scott Brooker accepted a joint Crown and defence submission that Sussy Flores' crimes were worthy of a five-year punishment minus pre-trial custody credit.

"I view the joint submission ... as being generous to you," Brooker said yesterday.

"While in my view it is generous to you, I cannot say that it is an unfit sentence," he said.

Flores, 19, pleaded guilty Monday to a home-invasion robbery charge in which the victim was struck with a baseball bat.

She gained entry into a drug dealer's apartment by posing as a customer before unlocking the door for her accomplices.

Flores was also sentenced on an unrelated robbery in which a victim was pistol-whipped.

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