Edmonton Sun

Sunday, January 21, 2001

Heather happy to be home


The first thing little Heather Parker did when she got home Friday night was take stock of her toys, said her grandmother.

"She dumped them all out on the bed just to be sure they were all there," said Dale Cottet, who returned home to Washington after picking up the abducted tot in Edmonton.

"She's happy to be home."

The pair were met at the airport in Seattle by Parker's tearful older sisters, aged 14 and 15, and other family members, Cottet said.

Parker, 2, had been away since her mother, recovering crack addict Janine Schindler, allegedly snatched her from her bed in Cottet's home Jan. 5.

Schindler, 34, and her boyfriend were arrested in Edmonton Thursday and Parker was recovered, safe and sound.

Cottet said she still loves her daughter - who claims to have been crack-free since October - despite what she did and would welcome her home if she would only go into counselling for her crack addiction.

She hopes her daughter's jail stay will clean her up enough so they are able to be a family again one day.

Stolen property charges laid by Edmonton cops against Schindler - due to have her fourth child Feb. 6. - may be stayed so she can be returned home.

Immigration consultant Herman Vanreekum said even if Schindler delivers her child here, she would still be sent home.

"A child who is Canadian can't sponsor a parent into Canada until they are 19," he said.

"She would have a long wait."

Schindler says she has no intention of fighting extradition proceedings and wants to deliver her baby in the U.S.

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