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January 5, 2001

Wife slices husband's scrotum with ring

Relationship not working

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KENORA, Ont. - A woman has been convicted of assault with a weapon after slicing open her husband's scrotum with a diamond ring, leaving one testicle exposed and dangling.

Julie Sherlock, 57, was found guilty of the charge on Wednesday.

The soft-spoken victim, 47, testified the incident made him realize his relationship with Sherlock was not working. The two have since split.

Constable Greg Smith testified police were called to a domestic disturbance shortly after 2 a.m. on Aug. 22.

Const. Smith said Sherlock appeared to be intoxicated.

He searched the apartment and discovered the victim lying naked on the couple's bed, curled in the fetal position and holding his blood-soaked groin.

"I saw a three- to four-inch cut wound to the victim's scrotum and one testicle was hanging out," Const. Smith told the court.

The man testified that after a night of drinking at a downtown bar, Sherlock became belligerent and physically confrontational.

He said he went to bed and when he woke up later to go to the bathroom, he felt a sharp pain in his groin.

"I started yelling after I felt the pain. I was groggy and didn't know what happened," the man testified.

The man was rushed to hospital, where he received eight stitches.

The victim rejected the defence's theory that the injury was inflicted accidentally when Sherlock attempted to help him after he fell on the floor.

"No sir, I don't believe that's possible," he said. "Why would she have picked me up by the testicles?"

Sherlock cried throughout the man's testimony. She then took the stand and told the judge she accidentally scratched the victim with her ring when she was helping him up.

Sherlock will remain in custody until she is sentenced.

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