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Man Pardoned for Knocking Off Wife's Glasses

Updated 7:55 AM ET January 12, 2001

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Reuters) - Ohio Gov. Robert Taft has pardoned a Yemeni immigrant ordered deported because he was convicted for an incident in which he accidentally knocked off his wife's glasses, the governor's spokesman said on Thursday.

Ashraf Al-Jailani, 36, a factory worker in Kent, Ohio, faced automatic deportation as a result of a 1998 domestic violence charge, to which he pleaded no contest on the advice of a lawyer.

The charge was brought by police when Al-Jailani's wife notified them that her husband knocked her glasses off as he whirled around in his car to quiet children crying in the back seat. His wife declined to press charges, but police went ahead with the case.

Both Al-Jailani and his American-born wife Michele insisted the physical contact was an accident and he will use the governor's pardon to appeal the deportation order.

The pardon was granted by Republican Taft earlier this week, his spokesman said.

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