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Feb. 16, 03:27 EDT

Woman having baby with ex-foster mother

Anonymous sperm donor found on Net

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KAMLOOPS, B.C. (CP) - A lesbian couple who began their relationship as foster mother and daughter are having a baby.

Candice Prince, 18, is 17 weeks pregnant with a baby conceived with sperm from an anonymous donor found over the Internet.

``The first three months I was really sick, with all the changes and everything happening in my body, but now it's really good,'' Prince said in a telephone interview.

Her lover - and one-time foster mother - Valerie Spelay is excited.

``I was hesitant. It's a big step,'' said Spelay, formerly Valerie Hetu. ``Candice was persistent. She wanted to have a child. I know our relationship is going well.''

Spelay, 32, was convicted last March of sexually exploiting Prince. They met at church in 1998 and Hetu approached the Ministry of Children and Families for permission to become the girl's foster parent.

Prince, then a troubled 16-year-old, came to live with Spelay, her then-husband and her son several months later.

Spelay asked social workers to end the foster arrangement.

Prince testified the relationship was consensual but Provincial Court Judge William Sundhu ruled the relationship was an abuse of the trust placed on Spelay as a foster parent.

She was given a six-month conditional sentence and ordered to complete 100 hours of community service.

The couple, who have lived together for a year, decided last summer they would have a child together.

``I want lots of kids and I figure now is a good start . . . because I'm in-between my career right now,'' Prince said. ``. . . it would be easier instead of having my career and then having babies afterward. Then maybe I'll be too much into my career and say: `Well, I don't have time for kids now'.''

She sees no problem raising a child in a lesbian family. ``They're raised that way, then it's kind of like a normal family.

``Not saying that the kids are going to be gay because I don't want my kids to be gay.''

Spelay told the Kamloops Daily News her son, now 8, is excited he will soon have a sibling. ``He was a little hesitant at first, like any other kid.

``Obviously, from my ex's side, I haven't heard too much from them.''

Prince's parents are supportive, though her mother was shocked. ``She didn't believe that I was pregnant. When I mentioned that I might be having twins she's like, `Oh, you're really trying to get me gray, aren't you.' ''

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