MARCH 25, 14:08 EST

Madonna, Husband Collaborate on Video
Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) — Madonna and film director husband Guy Ritchie, who collaborated on the pop icon's video for ``What It Feels Like for a Girl,'' are making another team effort.

The couple plan to do a commercial for BMW, Time magazine reports.

The commercial will likely be less controversial than the video, which aired only once late at night on MTV and VH1.

The video, directed by Ritchie, featured Madonna setting fire to a gas station, running over street hockey players and crashing a yellow Camaro.

Of her character in the video, Madonna says she's ``acting out a fantasy and doing things girls are not supposed to do.''

It's not the first time a Madonna video has run afoul of MTV censors. But this time it was because of violence, not sexual content.

In 1990, MTV refused to air ``Justify My Love'' because of its sexual content. And in 1992 it decided to show ``Erotica'' only in the wee hours of the morning.

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