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March 29, 2001

Cross burning

Newton Steacy
Letter to the Editor of the National Post

If Hedy Fry, the Secretary of State for Multiculturalism, wants recent evidence of cross burning in Canada, she only has to obtain a copy of "Where is the Outrage," an editorial that appeared in the National Post on March 9, 2000, describing how, early last year, "bigots and thugs" got together and "attacked, robbed, vandalized and desecrated with a burning cross" Mary Queen of the World Cathedral in Montreal. The demonstrators yelled anti-religious slurs to protest in favour of abortion and against Catholicism's "patriarchal" doctrines. Unfortunately, intolerance is not confined to groups like the KKK. Many of the same people who abhor racism and anti-Semitism have no problem expressing hatred for religious groups that openly oppose abortion, homosexual activity and the general modern decline of morality.

Newton Steacy, National Director, Catholic Civil Rights League, Ottawa.

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