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March 30, 2001

What was that paper Fry was waving?

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OTTAWA - A piece of paper Hedy Fry, the embattled Secretary of State for Multiculturalism, held up in the House of Commons on Wednesday caught the eye of Canadian Alliance MPs.

Dr. Fry, who has been unavailable for comment outside the House, made gestures and waved the paper in front of Alliance MPs during question period.

No pictures exist of the action because Commons rules prevent the recording of events not formally part of a question or answer.

But yesterday, we asked some Alliance MPs for their best guess as to what was on the piece of paper.

Monte Solberg, the foreign affairs critic: "I thought it was a blank sheet she was waving as a flag of surrender."

Gurmant Grewal, the multiculturalism critic: "It was a handwritten letter of resignation."

Deborah Grey, the deputy leader of the Canadian Alliance: "I would only wish it was a piece of paper that said, 'I resign.' I guess it wasn't."

Art Hanger, the defence critic: "If it was a letter of support, it would be tabled in the House as we speak."

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