Ottawa Sun

March 6, 2000

Letters to the Editor

from Robert Losee
from Eeva Sodhi
Ottawa Sun

This country's justice system makes me sick! It doesn't surprise me that Rita Graveline was acquitted for killing her spouse. The jury consisted of 11 females and one male. If this had been a man who murdered his wife they would have locked him up and thrown away the key. What kind of a message does this give other females who want to get rid of their spouses? Why didn't Rita Graveline take the sane approach and divorce her spouse? I guess this gives all women in this country a message it's okay for women to murder their husbands now. Being a male in this century certainly is a risky situation. As a result of this ridiculous decision, it wouldn't surprise me if men's life insurance policies will rise. Heck, what life insurance company would want to insure a married male now? It's open season on us men, just paint a bull's-eye on our back. God help us testosterone carriers of the masculine gender, we all better toe the line now. Yes dear, no dear, right away dear, I'll paint your toenails, run your bath, bring home the bacon, and give you the paycheque. All we ask is please don't shoot us when we go to lie down for a nap. We men need a well-deserved rest to recover from idiotic decisions such as this insane one that was handed down by a biased, man-hating justice system.

Robert Losee

(The justice system may be unfair to men, but this isn't the best case to make your argument on)

Today's paper just about says it all. A woman who kills her sleeping husband rather than divorce him walks free. A distraught father who only wants to see his daughter is found guilty and could be jailed for five years. How many of us would not try to sneak a look at our child?

Eeva Sodhi

(It's a sad case no matter how you look at it, but there's more to it than you make out)

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