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Mar. 24, 06:02 EDT

Memorial held for slain Montreal teen

The Toronto Star

MONTREAL (CP) - A disabled teenager whose mother has been charged in her death was asked today at her memorial to pardon those who failed her.

Jim Craig asked his deceased daughter Chelsea for forgiveness in front of about 200 mourners at the funeral in suburban Pointe-Claire.

''We tried, in the end we failed,'' Craig said, fighting back tears, in the eulogy to his 14-year-old daughter.

''I am sorry, so sorry. Be at peace now, mummy and daddy will always love you.''

Chelsea Craig died last Monday, when she was given what police described as a ''poison cocktail.'' She suffered from a rare brain disorder called Rett syndrome.

Her mother, Rachel Capra Craig, has been charged with first-degree murder.

She was not at the service today. A judge has ordered that she remain in custody and have a psychiatric examination to determine if she is fit to face the charges.

A collage of photos of Chelsea were in the lobby of the Anglican Church of the Resurrection, with most of the pictures showing off her beautiful smile.

There were also two pictures of Rachel Capra Craig holding Chelsea at her baptism, the only photos to include the teen's mother.

Canon Jeno Kohner, who baptized Chelsea and taught her at Sunday school, called for changes to society in his homily.

''We are not the only ones to let down Chelsea, Jim and Rachel, all of society did,'' said Kohner, who is now retired.

He added that if some change can result due to her death, ''Chelsea will not have died in vain.''

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