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Tuesday, March 13, 2001

Women work harder: Report

The Toronto Sun

OTTAWA --  A new report confirms what women have known for years -- they work harder than men whether they're paid or not, Status of Women Minister Hedy Fry claims.

The Economic Gender Equality Indicators 2000 report was released yesterday by Status of Women Canada. "Women aged 15 to 24, when compared to their male counterparts, work 18% more," Fry said.

The 18% translates into 15 minutes more per day or two weeks a year.

"While the share of paid work done by young women is high, their share of unpaid work is even higher," Fry said.

The report also found that women in a two-income family spend more time at home caring for their children than their male partners.

NDP Leader Alexa McDonough wasn't surprised by the report's findings.

"What else is new?" McDonough quipped.

"My only only surprise is that it's not more than 18%."

Toronto Grit MP Sarmite Bulte wouldn't say whether the women in the Liberal cabinet worked harder than their male counterparts.

"We all think we work harder, not only because we have to, but because we like to as well," Bulte said.

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