Toronto Sun

March 31, 2001

Didn't fund cross-burning: Fry

By MARIA MCCLINTOCK -- Ottawa Bureau
Toronto Sun

OTTAWA -- Hedy Fry says her department didn't fund the cross-burning demonstration at a Montreal church during International Women's Day last year.

Yesterday, Calgary Alliance MP Jason Kenny used the Montreal incident to take another run at Fry, already under attack over her unfounded comments that there were cross-burnings last week in Prince George, B.C.

"My department did not fund this particular activity and I certainly do not condone the behaviour that went on in Montreal," said Fry, in response to calls for her resignation.

Burst into church

The Montreal cross-burning happened a year ago at a rally for International Women's Day.

During a rally to celebrate the occasion, a group of feminists went into a Montreal Catholic church and littered it with condoms and sanitary napkins.

They also burned several crosses on the church steps.

A spokesman for Fry's department said that while the status of women department supports celebrating International Women's Week and has hosted its own events in the past, it does not fund feminist groups to hold events during the week.

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