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Apr. 4, 12:59 EDT

Montreal woman charged with daughter's death gets support

The Toronto Star

MONTREAL (CP) - A woman who has been charged with murder in her handicapped daughter's death has been getting plenty of support from the public, her lawyer said today.

Rachel Capra Craig, 46, has been undergoing a psychiatric evaluation since being charged in the March 19 death of Chelsea Craig. Police have said the 14-year-old consumed a ''poison cocktail.''

The girl had a rare brain disorder called Rett's syndrome, which impedes the ability to communicate verbally, control body movements or breathe normally. She was unable to talk or to feed herself.

Marc David, a lawyer for the accused, said that support for his client has been pouring in.

''Mrs. Craig wishes to express her gratitude to her husband, to her family and to her friends as well as to the public for the show of support she is receiving during this ordeal,'' David said.

David made the comments after a scheduled court appearance for Craig was delayed until later in the day.

''The expressions of support are by way of letters, faxes, by e-mail. So it's encouraging for her.''

Results of Craig's psychiatric evaluation were to be filed in court today.

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