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Last Updated: Friday 25 May 2001

Sorry, Darrell

We Asked You: About a top court ruling that denies Darrell Trociuk the chance to have his triplets carry his last name

Lynne Jasper, The Province

I would like to apologize to Darrell Trociuk for the shabby treatment he and his children have endured. This article makes me ashamed of my gender.

We seem to have given women the sole right to any child with men being nothing more than glorified sperm donors. With Darrell being in their lives a mere six hours a week, just how much influence does he have on his children?

Those children will grow up thinking whatever their mother has taught them. What example are they supposed to follow when they become fathers?

The mother seems perfectly content to take child-support payments, but it's too bad she sees fit to deprive them of their father and his family.

More troubling to me as a woman is the fact that two female justices feel that paternal family ties are unnecessary.

I'm going out on a limb when I suggest that each justice had the emotional support of her father while growing up, and that they don't fully understand the implications of their decision.

Lynne Jasper,