Calgary Sun

June 12, 2001

Give it up, Licia.

("No work is harder than being a mom," Licia Corbella, June 9.)

Letter by Eeva Sodhi -- Calgary Sun

When my children were small, we did not have a car, a fridge, or washing machine. We lived in the slums of London, England. We shared the bathroom with nine other families. My older son was very ill, needing round-the-clock attention.

Some nights, he would vomit six or seven times in his bed, needing the sheets washed in a small handbasin which doubled as the kitchen sink in the closet which had a coin-fed two-burner gas ring.

Kitchen cabinets were an unheard of concept.

When he was two months old, the coins jammed the line. It being the day before Christmas, we got the line freed after new year. That luxurious abode cost us more than half my husband's salary.

Women have a choice. They can either abort the fetus, have the child adopted or have it in temporary foster care if they find it overwhelming. There is such a thing as birth control.

Let's stop finding excuses. Rie Fujii's parents would have been glad to look after the children.

Eeva Sodhi

(It's a tragedy.)

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