Ottawa Citizen
Wednesday 13 June 2001

Feminist groups don't speak for all women

Jeannine Lebel
The Ottawa Citizen

The June 7 article, "Feminists boycott custody forums," proves that feminists do not represent all women. It was only feminist groups that refused to be part of a consultation process which included fathers' rights groups.

The feminists alleged that this would put women in a position of "subordination." But many other women took part in the federal-provincial consultation on custody and access held in Ottawa. All the Justice Department representatives except one were women. The two divorce lawyers involved were both women. Child-welfare and grandparents' groups and our organization, REAL Women of Canada, were represented by women. The 11 Department of Justice papers recommended in the working document were all written by women, except one.

What is surprising is that only one side of this apparent gender war has been funded by the government: namely, the feminists. Our taxes work at cross-purposes as government-funded feminists ignore expensive Statistics Canada findings that don't fit in with their agenda to prove that only men are violent.

And now, they even boycott family-oriented and fathers'-rights groups whose representatives pay their own way to express the views of ordinary Canadians.

It's time the best interests of all tax-burdened Canadian families were addressed, not only the fringe interests of the government-funded feminist special-interest groups.

Jeannine Lebel,


National President,

REAL Women of Canada

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