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Jun. 7, 04:13 EDT

Second baby's corpse sought in Calgary

Mother faces charges in death of first child, discovered in abandoned apartment

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CALGARY (CP) - Police divers were searching the Bow River looking for the body of a four-month-old baby girl today, just hours after they charged the child's mother with failing to report the death of her toddler son.

Rei Fujii, 23, was charged with failing to properly dispose of the body of her 15-month-old son, Dominic Ryu Brown, whose decomposing body was found in a southeast Calgary apartment Tuesday.

Fujii is to appear in provincial court Friday morning.

Police were searching for Fujii's daughter, Gemini Brown.

It is suspected that Gemini's body may have been sealed in plastic bags and placed in the Bow River sometime over the last two weeks.

Gemini was believed to be wearing a yellow terry sleeper and a pink dress and was wrapped in a sleeping blanket.

Investigators were trying to locate anyone who may have assisted Fujii in raising her children.

Fujii entered Canada on a student visa and is not a Canadian citizen. She has been in Calgary for approximately four years.

Earlier this week, police were called to an apartment block after the landlord, who was looking for a rent payment, detected a pungent odour. Homicide detectives were notified after the child's body was found.

Police said the baby, whose screams had gone unheeded, had been dead for days before his body was discovered in the apartment, located near the city's Stampede Grounds.

A woman who lives in the apartment beneath where the child's body was found said she heard screaming for days - followed by silence.

Results of an autopsy conducted on the little boy's body yesterday were not released.

Investigators have not said if anyone else lived in the apartment with the mother and baby.

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