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July 27, 2001

Man v. woman

Re: The Minister is in Charge, July 20.

Letter to the Editor by A. McIvor
National Post

The recommendations for changes to the Divorce Act brought forth by the Joint Senate Committee on Custody and Access are excellent, and imperative. Children have the right to grow up with both parents being equally involved in their lives. It is time to stop the man v. woman mentality, and work together for our children's sake. Anne McLellan, the Minister of Justice, does not care about our children; she only cares about appeasing feminist groups.

The best interest of the child is met by removing the "win-lose" situation created by our current divorce laws, and instituting automatic shared parenting upon separation. Shared parenting is the only way our children will stop getting caught in the middle of the family court gender war. Senator Anne Cools and MP Roger Gallaway (Letters, July 26) appear to be the only two people in our federal government who are demanding answers from our justice minister.

A. McIvor, Calgary.

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